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Going empty-handed

I’m at a loss for words, though I’m going to write a whole bunch of them to get out how I feel. Last night the world lost the realest kid I’ve ever met. I didn’t have a chance during our … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Kill My Brain

The way my brain works is very much linked up with how the internet works.  It’s true: Scientific American Mind this month reported on a study that proves it’s not just me. Apparently the answer to the modern question, “What … Continue reading

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Christmas, part two: “give it a Christian burial”

So we went to the Big Apple Circus, and it was bad. Really bad. That title quote was from my mother, who more accurately said, “Perhaps it’s time we give it a Christian burial and leave it at that.”  It’s … Continue reading

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Christmas, part one: unwrapping the gifts

My family has a tradition of brunch, unwrapping presents, and traveling into the city to see the Big Apple Circus. This is our last year of going to the circus, which, ever since their original (and founding) ringmaster left, has … Continue reading

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The only thing we have to fear is… bad alien movies?!

I’ve been seeing ads and trailers for “The Darkest Hour,” which opens on Christmas day (two days from now… well, one, if you’re really keeping track in terms of hours–it’s two for me ’cause I haven’t slept yet… see my … Continue reading

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I stay up in the middle of the night

and don’t do what I originally intended to do. That’s right. I intended to get some real work done and finish up this semester. I’m done with finals, but I’m not done with some outstanding work for a couple of classes. … Continue reading

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Midnight Train to Brooklyn

Sorry, Georgia. This train’s headed south, but not that far south. Not like dirty south, south. I’m talking the Northeast Regional Amtrak. #177 Boston to D.C. That’s what’s up. I realized today that every time I come home to New York, … Continue reading

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And God so loved the world…

I don’t understand how I can’t live a life of simple devotion to helping others without any kind of belief in God.  I just had a long, circular conversation with a self-styled, born-again, accept-Jesus-Christ-as-your-personal-Lord-and-Savior-or-you-don’t-go-to-heaven type Christian man, from which I … Continue reading

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ADD and Finals don’t mix.

Whenever I reach the end of any school year I get the urge to do anything but study for final exams (thank you Facebook for teaching me that “FINALS” is actually an acronym for “Fuck, I Never Actually Learned This … Continue reading

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