No Goals, No Tomorrow

I take back what I said last post about New Year’s resolutions (which you can read here). Why? Because of this post from called “How to Have the Bet Year of Your Life (Without Setting a Single Goal)”.

Of course, I should have known: goals and plans are doomed to fail, because everything is always changing, changing, changing. So the solution is really just to live life moment to moment goal- and plan-free. I do this already without even thinking about it, but often times I think I need to set goals or plan things out because so many people tell me I need to when I complain about not getting things done.

But that’s the other thing: I do get things done, it’s just a matter of what I’m paying attention to. If I spend my time on Facebook, I’m going to make a Facebook-world for myself. If I spend too much time on this blog, I’m going to make a blogging-world for myself. If I spend to much time thinking about yesterday, I’ll make a past-world. Too much time thinking about tomorrow creates future-world. But there is no past, no present, and no future. There are only these words right now, and only you reading them.

I’m done. Now, I sleep. No plans for tomorrow, just curiosity, passion, and discovery. In the morning, wake up. At night, sleep. Only this.


About mikebruffee

A simple man with simple needs. Love and goodwill conquer all in the end.
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